Tuesday, August 10, 2010

unsubtle bright gold

It took a while for the results to come back. 'Spontaneous Pneumothorax' - the family didn't know what to make of it. Even Eddy seemed unwilling to go into the details. It sounded like something you could take a liking to, not something that would kill you. She was crumpled on the carpet when her husband, Vince, came home. The carpet was dented where she had fallen, both her hands to her throat. Her face was bluish. Her hair unsubtle bright gold. He thought for a while she had fallen, just then as he opened the door. But, when he touched her she was stiff and cold. He told the family he had knelt there for a while, the 7pm news playing on the kitchen radio. Something about it was so ordinary and also so incredible - he couldn't believe that he could reach for the phone and it would work.


  1. reading, avidly.

  2. O thanks Jen! It's a bit quiet but that's just the start. I'm feeling pretty happy about it. Currently I'm ignoring a bit of screaming ...well actually I'm feeding a baby her bottle and typing