Saturday, August 7, 2010

the other sister

Verity graduated from her exclusive school and hurled herself into exclusive society. She got the job, the car, the boyfriend very quickly and moved with a fast set of people-who-had-yatchs. In fact, her own father had a yacht, but so he could spend the occasional sunday breathing the wind and winding the ropes into neat figures of eight. Not the friends that Verity made - they had yachts so they could be watched. So they could invite attractive girls like Verity along to sit on the stern, shriek as the spray soaked them and sip champagne on the deck. She was the sunshine ice-cream girl - spotted on the deck of a 12footer and photographed the next day. The money was nice, but certain friends became jealous. Her tan had been that much deeper, hair that much blonder and her eyes - they were unnaturally green.

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