Saturday, August 7, 2010

More green

Sisters with the same eyes could choose such different lives. Wilhelmina chose to go to the other side of the earth - found communes and artists, people who celebrated the moon festival and gathered apples and lit fires and bees wax candles. They drank wine from the stoneware chalises that, if they hadn't made them they had a close friend who had. The harvest, handmade shoes and homegrown produce (even if it was worm-riddled and slightly sour). The smelt of patchuli and earth. They loved the dirt under their nails and often wore hats of felt that stood out in the villages they lived in. People called themselves artists with the ease and casualness that left Wilhelmina staggered. She only dared to mention her painting occasionally, fearing the label the inquisitive and well-meaning questions.

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