Monday, March 3, 2008

The Writing in Sleep Project

The housework will be untended.  There will be what my mother calls 'slut-wool' in the corners. But, there will be writing on this blog.  I am not using it as a journal, not as a chat-tool, not as a review of events.  Here, each week, if I can manage it, I will add 1,500 words to a serial novel.  I'm hoping to get a readership and also feedback if people find they want to.  My aim will be to update it on fridays.  Please stay tuned for the Writing In Sleep Project.

NB you may recognise yourself, or someone you know, unflatteringly characterised. Please enjoy!


  1. All the best Lucy, and remember our mothers were from a different era when they were judged from their housework prowess. About the 'slut-wool', a famous UK satirist Quentin Crisp refused to dust or vacuum saying that after a certain period of time it was impossible to identify how old the dust was... and while this is somewhat excessive I know just how the housework can be a great excuse to leave the writing... just for a while (to be a good mother)! What crap. Write on grrl. I hope Toby sleeps well. Run him ragged in the AM. Ciao, Carol-Anne

  2. I'm looking forward to reading what happens next... I agree a weekly deadline and waiting readers helps to keep you motivated, plus you get feedback which helps to shape it. I can't tell you how many times things I've written go round in my head... mor mxe times than they should.

  3. Hey Lucy,

    I normally avoid reading/watching anything that is ongoing or serialized because I use it to procrastinate with my own work but I'll make an exception just this once! Also I posted your blogspot details on the PhD Discussion Board to encourage some more critical friends for you. I hope you don't mind... but I wouldn't hold my breathe for regular comments based upon recent experience with us slackers.

    Ciao, Carol-Anne

  4. Hi Carol-Anne, thanks for the support - and the promotion. Hope I can walk the line between trashy enough to be interesting/engaging, and interesting/engaging enough not to be too trashy...


  5. PS I'm happy for people to be anonymous in their comments, but I'd also love to know who you are...if you want to let me know...

  6. Hi Lucy

    I love the opening and can't wait to read more. I will pass this on to my creative friends who love a bit of good writing!

    Sleep well Toby!

    Love Mad

  7. what a lovely beginning. there is such a gentle luscious mood in your description...and its wonderful to feel a familiarity for the characters and the period in your life, and at the same time feel like i cant wait to see what unfolds.
    may toby indeed sleep well!
    keep writing lovely, love mands.

  8. "Slut-wool"? I much prefer "dust-bunnies" - ever since I learned that term, I've taken secret pleasure in watching those entanglements skip across the tiles to escape breezes!

    Your project is really interesting. Good on you for having the balls to stick it on the internets so your hairy, clunky friends can read it!

  9. Lucy, what a great idea. Good on you for setting this goal! I find it inspiring to see women such as yourself balancing motherhood with all the other things that make them the person they are. As someone who's yet to have a child I feel unexcited about the prospect when I see friends around me becoming totally consumed in motherhood and then frustrated that they've lost the things in their lives that made them passionate, inspired and interested! It must be tough at times, but thanks for showing that it's achievable!